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Deviled Lamb (2023)

Production Team

38DFA956-3316-4247-A7E6-E0657FAE960B 2.jpg

Bella Cordero



Olivia Cordero

Wardrobe Assistant


Skye Sherwood

Sound Recordist


June Folder

Deviled Lamb

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Isabelle Burton

Head of Vanities


Tayler Gilbert

Prop Master


Afton Lin Shumate

Key Production Assistant


Addison Asby

Little Lamb

filmxlab_bella_cordero_08_kodak_portra_400_46 2.JPG

Oz Overshiner

Camera Operator + Grip


Sierra Cruz

Camera Assistant


Sasha Reid

Production Assistant

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 6.32.14 PM.png

Ben Cissner



Markel Randle

Camera Operator + Gaffer


Caleb Miller

Camera Assistant


Jasmine Powell

Still Photographer

Story Summary

Deviled Lamb is a short film that speaks on topics such as sexual trauma, insomnia, and reoccurring nightmares. Taking place in the early 70s in a small Catholic School in rural Missouri. Deviled Lamb follows an eighteen-year-old survivor of sexual assault, four years after the event took place. The film portrays how trauma can spread well beyond the event itself, leading to a silent domino effect that follows for years after the event. In the film, we watch the young girl as she navigates through a series of surreal nightmares, in search of the lost fourteen-year-old, still stuck inside the memory that took place four years prior.  


This is a personal story about healing and processing for all survivors of trauma.

About The Film

Deviled Lamb, is a hybrid short film, taking influences from both experimental and narrative storytelling, based on my personal story as a survivor.


A short film exploring topics of trauma, PTSD, insomnia, and reoccurring nightmares. Influenced by my research on human psychology and various sleep studies.


Pre-production of the film began in November 2021.

Production began on December 11th, 2022.

February to May will be dedicated to post-production and developing an original soundtrack.


The remaining film budget is roughly $5,000 to cover production fees, I have contributed $2,000 between pre-production and production costs. The intended length of the film is estimated to be 20 - 40 minutes.


Unfortunately, many productions that deal with sexual assault almost glamorize the subject. So many movies focus on the sexual assault itself rather than the healing process. Deviled Lamb is a story revolving around healing from trauma, with no need for a graphic scene. The stakes are high for this project because this is a touchy subject, but as a survivor, I feel I have an intimate understanding that enables me to tell this story sensitively and accurately. 

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