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2021 Spring

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Film & Prop





Corderas, 2022

A Short Film Dedicated to Sister and Father

Weavered, 2022


A Visual Poem Based on Ode To Sunroom by Ingrid Weaver

Short film



Parallel Editing for History Of The Moving Image

Short film


The Shower After, 2021

Documentation of Installation

Multimedia Installation using projected visuals playing on an infinite loop. Exploring ideas of safety found within common routines, what does a shower become when it cannot clean oneself past soap and water?


Ciggy Twiggy: Bonne Nuit La Dépendance, 2021

An Experimental French Short Film


Trazodone Soundscape, 2021

A Marionette Film

Soundscape by Bella Cordero, Music by Oz Overshiner


Little Sister, 2021

A Portraiture Film of Olivia Cordero


In The Dark, 2021

An Ethnographic Film of Markel Randle in The Darkroom


8/27/21, 2021

A Ethnographic Self Portrait


Talking About Sex While Holding A Fishbowl, 2021

TALKING ABOUT SEX WHILE HOLDING A FISHBOWL performance, inspired by Linda Mary Montano’s performance of Taking About Sex While Under Hypnosis 

Take 12 portraits of others dressed as the version of you they identify you with. Hang those portraits on a wall. Record yourself talking about your sex life as you walk outside holding a fish bowl half full of water. Put this video on a DVD and play it from a small TV monitor without the audio. Sit on a stool in front of your work and document the installation.

I will sit on a stool wearing a white tank with blonde hair. Twelve photographs of other’s dressed in this costume will hang on the wall. A DVD will be played on a TV monitor, showing TALKING ABOUT SEX WHILE HOLDING A FISH BOWL. The photographs present how others identify me physically, I am unaware of what I look like beyond this.

There are three elements to the performance
1. Photographs of others disguised as me. 2. Me, dressed in this version of my common identity. 3. A video of myself holding a fish bowl half full of water on a walk, talking about my sex life. 

Is my art or my indentiy as an artist identifiable without the expense of sex?


23 Rue Montlosier, 2021

Blindfolded, rebuild a room from your childhood. A place you considered home. Build three walls out of paper, and a floor. Begin on your knees. Using a piece of charcoal, rebuild the place you called “home” by memory.

Blindfolded, I will recreate the apartment of 23 Rue Montlosier, Clermont-Ferrand, France. I will sit on my knees and visualize the last memory of this room from age nine. I will follow my hand as it remembers furniture, objects, decor, architectural structures, etc.


Trying To Wear A Pillow Case, Performance, 2021

5:29 Duration 
Nine still images shot on phone


Transitions of A Retired Ballerina, 2021

Parting from 13 years of studying dance and discipline, learning to undo.

I Wish I Were Dancing, 2021

1:49 duration

Short film


My Suits Of Armor, 2021

0:56 duration

Ambiguous props explored through video


The Avocado Manifesto, 2020

0:53 duration

Digital manifesto comprised of still images